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Entaco plc was established in 1971 and initially produced domestic cleaning agents. In 1975, the company implemented a diversification to industrial cleaning agents and more specifically, products for Car & Truck Wash. Under the brand NERTA, Entaco plc brings a wide range of industrial products on the market, such as a complete selection of products to be used in carwash machines for cars and selfcarwash. In this sector, NERTA soon became market leader in Belgium, where it has had a market share of about 80 % since the late eighties.


NERTA also disposes of a very interesting range of cleaning products for garages and coachworks.

After the creation of Nerta Carnet Jumbo, which had an unprecedented success, the road was cleared for export. NERTA products are now exported to 41 countries namely the Netherlands, Luxemburg, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Tenerife, Portugal, the Ukraine , Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Russia, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia,  Bosnia-Hercegovina, Belorussia, Finland, Sweden, Malta, Turkey, Guadeloupe, Moldava, Greece, Bulgaria, Iceland, Ireland, Qatar, Australia, Kazachstan, South Africa and Iran. The export represents approximately 70 % of the turnover.

Since 1/1/2000, Entaco plc has its seat in a new ultramodern factory of 5.600 m2 on a territory of 10.000 m2. The new premises are equiped with a fully computerized production system having a capacity of 50 tons a day, a tank-park of 400 tons for raw materials and a storage capacity for about 1.200 pallets. Furthermore, there is also storage capacity for packaging etc…

Entaco plc disposes of an own laboratory for inspection and development.

Entaco plc payed a lot of attention to the environment . The whole building lies in a tank that is not directly connected to the sewerage. The rain water is collected in a buffer tank of 100.000L and is used as production water.

The light inflammable substances are stored separately. A lot has been invested in fire prevention and different safety precautions.

With its new factory and ultramodern installations, combined with its well-known and reliable products, Entaco plc has a lot of faith in the future.


NERTA offers you a wide range of specialized products for cleaning cars and commercial vehicles :

  • THE NERTA RANGE : synonymous for quality. In the selection for car and truckwash, NERTA offers you the most suitable and economical solution. All the NERTA products are developed in our own research laboratory by a team of experienced scientists. All our products are quality tested and guaranteed against imperfection and faults.
  • NERTA AND THE MARKET : a confirmed recognition. The products have been produced and tested according to very strict and efficient safety standards. NERTA products have received the approval from specialists and craftsmen for our remarkable results and favourable price/quality relationship. NERTA has an extremely efficient distribution network.

  • NERTA AND YOU: permanent advice. NERTA's young and dynamic field team is ready and very willing to assist you and your business.Our technicians and commercial services are constantly available and at your service to supply any information and support you may need.
  • NERTA AND THE ENVIRONMENT: respect and protection. Our policy is to respect the environment and value the balance between man and nature. Our products are biodegradable, the packaging can be recycled or returned. The whole product range meets or exceeds the European standards. NERTA, chemistry and environment go hand in hand.


Nerta values the balance between man and nature. As well in their  new factory as with the development of our products, the protection of the environment takes precedence.

During the construction of our new factory, the stringent environment laws of VLAREM II were ameliorated a lot. Some examples :

  • The whole building lies in a tank that is not directly connected to the sewerage. This avoids that raw materials or polluted water ends up in the sewer in case of an accident.
  • The rain-water, on our 5.600 m² large roof, is collected in a buffer tank and is used as production water.
  • The fully computerized production system is used in a closed circle so that unhealthy vapours or emanations are excluded.
  • For the development of new products or the improvement of existing products, our R&D department works in own laboratory only with environment-friendly elements. The newest developments are closely followed by our good relations with all European suppliers of chemical products.









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